Letter from Father Christmas

Letter from Father Christmas

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Magical Personalised Letters from Father Christmas

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Make Christmas magical! That moment when your child realises that Father Christmas has written a letter just to them whilst also remembering their sibling(s) in heaven.  

That’s what a Letter from Father Christmas is all about. Creating those memories you will treasure for years to come. He will write to your child with a special personalised letter remembering their sibling who is sadly no longer with them.

Printed on high quality paper, addressed directly to your child and delivered in a festive envelope, watch their face light up with excitement and wonder.


Please provide us with the FULL NAME(s) of the child/children who are receiving their letter from Father Christmas. 
Please also select the gender(s) of the lost sibling(s) with your order. 

*only available until 12 December 2021. 

**please email us at info@lilymaefoundation.org with any special requirements for your letter.